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Personalized Action Plan

At the ValueOptions’ Life Coaching Program, we believe that the more personalized the information and support is, the more successful you will be in achieving your health goals. That's why your personal coach will:

Work with you to develop a personalized plan of action around your specific needs. The process of developing this plan of action starts with you completing an in-depth survey/goal form to help you and your coach understand your current needs and desired future goals. Through planned activities, hand selected educational resources and other methods, your coach works one-on-one with you to get you "just what you need when you need it!" Our aim is to help you build the critical skills in setting and reaching your goals so that you can "help yourself" in the future. We help you focus on ideas and strategies, however in the end; the choice and the pace are always set by you.

Stay Informed, Motivated, & Educated.

You may choose to utilize the ValueOptions’ Life Coaching website, It provides a vast array of tools, resources, and activities to keep you enthusiastic about your wellness goals. For maximum convenience and confidentiality, you choose how you communicate with your coach, either on the phone or through the online personal membership page via e-mail and journals.

You may choose to utilize ValueOptions’ Life Coaching Program via telephone alone. You will receive a personalized Life Coaching binder which houses all of your tools, educational materials, resources, trackers and activities. You talk via telephone with your coach as often as needed. In addition, your coach provides ongoing and consistent outreach to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

With the help of your coach, and either the website or your personalized coaching binder, you have constant access to your personal healthy lifestyle plans and materials which includes:

  • In-depth Health Questionnaires to determine your specific lifestyle needs.
  • A personalized plan of action to address your needs developed with your coach.
  • Unlimited “Live” coaching sessions and interaction between you and your coach to progress you toward your health goals (coaching sessions can happen via telephone, email, journals, or any combination that works for you).
  • Unlimited hand-selected education materials provided by your coach based on your specific needs.
  • Daily health tips and motivational messages from your coach.
  • Over 40 interactive and informative Health Assessments that allow you to better manage your health and help you determine additional steps you can take to make life-changing improvements.
  • A wealth of up-to-date health, wellness and fitness information from trusted resources such as Convergence Health, ValueOptions and more at your fingertips.
  • Tracking and wellness tools to follow and measure your progress toward change.
  • A Professional Coach to contact when you get stuck or have a need. You'll receive an answer to your questions within 48 hours!

No matter what, your coach will keep you informed, motivated, and educated.

Stay Informed and enjoy quick and convenient access.

Stay Focused because all of your communication with your coach, hand selected education materials, your personal health action plan, etc., are housed within your Personal Health Web Page. It's a one stop destination for all your health needs and information that pertain specifically to you.

Stay Motivated because all of your hand selected education materials and your personal health action plan, etc., are housed within a one stop destination.

Stay In-Touch through daily messages from your coach to keep you inspired, as well as tracking tools that help you watch your progress and track your successes.

A Professional Approach

We recognize that not only is time your most precious resource, it is also the biggest gift to your family and friends. For this reason, the education materials we select and the training our coaches receive are second to none. As a member of the ValueOptions’ Life Coaching Program you'll realize significant time savings as compared to the time and energy you would spend trying to find an answer or solution to a healthy lifestyle question on your own. Just what you need when you need it with a human touch is how we achieve our goal of "Improving People's Lives."

All of our coaches are degreed health professionals who practice what they preach. All of our educational resources have been screened by our expert staff to assure you get the best and most appropriate materials for your specific situation.